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by Dillon James Capalongo


This is the third of a three-part sequence to using Kenny, the official 3D printer of R@M. This part gives an overview of how to begin a 3D print with Kenny.


No parts specified.

    • Insert SD Card to the correct port in your computer

    • Move/Copy the GCODE file you saved from PrusaSlicer to the SD Card

    • Safely remove the SD card from your computer

    • Insert the SD Card to the SD Port on Kenny

    • The port is located just behind the LCD Screen, on the upper left side.

    • On the LCD Display, you will notice it is on the status screen, listing the current fan speeds, extruder temperature, and bed temperature.

    • When Kenny is not printing anything, the fan speeds should be at zero and the temperatures at room temperature.

    • Press (not twist) the knob on Kenny to enter the menu screen.

    • Twist the knob clockwise and highlight the "Print from SD Card" option.

    • Press the knob to select the "Print from SD Card" option.

    • A menu of all GCODE files on the SD card should appear. Select the GCODE file you would like to print.

    • You should now see the status screen once again, but now the values for the fan speed and temperature will increase.

    • Once Kenny is satisfied with the temperatures, he will begin printing your design!

    • Do NOT touch any moving parts or the now-hot bed while Kenny is working!

    • Be sure to stay close to Kenny as he builds the first ten to twenty layers of your print. This is when he is most likely to fail your print and make a mess!

    • If he begins making a mess, press the knob to enter the menu screen, and select "Abort."

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