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by Thomas James Rotello

    • AC polarity is used to weld aluminum. Alternating Current is when electrons alternate direction of flow.

    • When welding in AC be sure to be using green band electrodes.

    • When welding in AC, the "AC Waveshape" settings become active. This setting allows you to adjust your balance and frequency.

    • Balance controls your etching and cleaning power. It increases the percentage time that your arc is electronegative vs electropositive.

    • Frequency controls the width of your arc. The higher the frequency, the narrower your arc and the narrower your bead.

    • To switch back to adjusting your amperage, press the "A" button.

    • When welding in AC, electrodes need to be balled. This can be done by securing the electrode in the torch with a squared off end.

    • Turn your balance down until the screen reads "BALL."

    • Press the foot pedal remote while holding the electrode over a cleaned piece of aluminum until the electrode has a ball on the end.

    • The more square you hold the electrode over the aluminum, the more centered your ball will be. This ensures the most control over the arc.

    • A large part of welding is understanding how to fix your welds and diagnose the problems that may be occurring with your bead.

    • New line.

    • New line.

    • New line.

    • Theses are just a few common problems that you may encounter. You should become familiar with welding problems. This skill comes with a little research and lots of PRACTICE.

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