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IFL: Senior Lab Managers and Lab Coordinators

Terrapin Works staff members that are fully trained as Senior Lab Managers or a Lab Coordinator of the Instructional Fabrication Lab.


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Guide Image

Changing the Blade

In this guide we will show you how to change the blade on the vertical bandsaw.

Guide Image

Disc Replacement

In this guide, we will show you how to replace the pad on the disk grinder.

Guide Image


Ironworker greasing

Guide Image

Belt Sander Belt and Disc Replacement

Learn how to identify when the belt sander requires its belt to be replaced,...

Guide Image

Nozzle Clog

The clogged nozzle forced water up the garnet tub. This guide is how to...

Guide Image

Replace the bender with the hole punch

You must know how to operate the ironworker...

Guide Image

Tool Change

How to change a tool on the Datron Neo

Guide Image

Spindle Warm-up

Learn how to run a spindle warm-up if not automatically prompted.

Guide Image

ENES 100 Papercut Print Submissions

This guide will follow students through the process for proper Print...

Guide Image

Cleaning the Vacuum

This guide will assist you in cleaning out the external vacuum for the Datron