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by Wensen Liu

    • Now that you have finished training on all of the machines in the IFL, choose a project that incorporates the most of the machines we use.

    • Try to stay away from using the drill presses and surface grinder as your primary machines.

    • Challenge yourself by choosing a project that incorporates the mill and lathe or the water jet and surface grinder, for examples.

    • Look through the tools we have for the different machines and gather ideas for your project.

    • You can use stock that we have in the lab, but if none is available you may need to order your own.

    • Before using our stock, make sure you ask if the stock is reserved for training or other personal projects!

    • Once you have a good idea of what you would like to make for your capstone make a manufacturing plan for your capstone

    • Your capstone should incorporate 4 machines at a minimum

    • a manufacturing plan is a thorough guided "recipe" detailing how you would manufacture a given part or assembly. it should be detailed enough that if you were to give the plan to any technician they should be able to manufacture the part/assembly without issues.

    • Reach out to an FTE or LC if you have any questions

    • When you have a manufacturing plan, along with any design files or engineering drawings that may be needed during the machining process, send them to an FTE or an LC.

    • From here the LC/FTE will create a papercut order to overview your capstone along the way

    • Keep an eye out for papercut for your capstone, and remember to update it regularly, as well as update the customer (LC or FTE) who submitted the order throughout the process.

    • Treat the LC or FTE as you would a client/customer of the IFL, in the papercut order.

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