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IES Trainees

Terrapin Works staff members that are being trained as Technicians in the Instructional Electronics Shop.


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Formlabs Form 2: Cleaning the Optical Window

This guide will show you how to clean the glass optical window on the...

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ProtoFlow S N2

How to use the ProtoFlow which is the reflow oven used in the LPKF system.

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Contac S4

How to use the through hole plater for whenever multi-layer circuits are used.

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ProtoPrint S

The ProtoPrint is used to align stencils to a board in order to prep it for...

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Instructional Electronics Shop: Intro

The Instructional Electronics Shop (IES) is an open access electronics shop...

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PCB Fundamentals

Ever wondered how PCBs work? We will go over the different parts of a PCB...

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Creating PCBs in Eagle (Fusion 360)

Learn the basics of creating PCB schematics, layout, and Gerber files with...

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Keysight 33600A Function Generator SOP

The Keysight 33600A Function Generator is used to generate various waveforms...

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Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter SOP

This guide will go through all of the components and capabilities of the...

Guide Image

Fluke 287 True RMS Multimeter SOP

This guide will show you all possible settings and modes that you can use for...