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AFL Management

Terrapin Works staff members that in charge of day-to-day operations and management of the AFL.


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Guide Image

Support Removal using the Sonicator (Agilus30 Prints)

In this guide we'll go over how to work the Sonicator and how to remove...

Guide Image

Support Removal using the PowerBlast Cleaner (Vero & Agilus30 Prints)

How to remove soft support material from large and/or sturdy Connex prints.

Guide Image

How to Harvest Vinyl Cricut Prints

This guide is to show you how to harvest vinyl Cricut Maker cuts, and how to...

Guide Image

Introduction to the Cricut Maker

A step-by-step guide to using the Cricut Maker in the RPC.

Guide Image

Keithley DC Load SOP

Standard Operating Procedures for the Keithley brand of DC Loads.

Guide Image

Keysight LCR Meter SOP

Standard operating procedure for the Keysight brand of LCR meters.

Guide Image

Basic Electronics

Basics of what circuits are and the different units and measurements we use...

Guide Image

Desktop Metal Shop: Starting the Drying Oven

Learn how to start the drying oven from the Desktop Metal Shop system

Guide Image

Simplify3D: Getting Started

Learn about how Simplify3D works

Guide Image

Prusa SL1S: Harvesting a Print

This guide will explain all the steps necessary to properly harvest, cure,...