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IFL: Welding

IFL staff who are training and use the welder.


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Belt Sander Belt and Disc Replacement

Learn how to identify when the belt sander requires its belt to be replaced,...

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Nozzle Clog

The clogged nozzle forced water up the garnet tub. This guide is how to...

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Spindle Warm-up

Learn how to run a spindle warm-up if not automatically prompted.

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Tool Change

How to change a tool on the Datron Neo

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Replace the bender with the hole punch

You must know how to operate the ironworker...

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Training Part 2.1 - CAD Arduino Holder

This will teach you how to CAD the Arduino Holder. It is encouraged to...

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ENES 100 Papercut Print Submissions

This guide will follow students through the process for proper Print...

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IFL Training Shift 06-2: Iron Worker

In this guide, you will learn some of the basics on how to operate the...

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CAM Basics 1.1 - Stock Set Up

Basic CAM knowledge needed in order to program parts for the router.

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CAM Basics 1.2 - Tool controls

Run through of tool path windows and their controls